The Best Blockchain Dating Apps

Blockchain-based Dating Apps are here to set the future of online dating

The dating scene has shifted from traditional matchmaking to online dating. Additionally, the stigma of online dating is also significantly reduced due to the emerging success stories of married couples having met in online dating platforms. Big and famous dating apps today like Tinder and Coffee Meet Bagels have been offering every singles valuable opportunities to meet someone new and build relationships on the platform.

However, despite the rising fame and acceptance of online dating, there has been backlashes from users who experienced data breach and fraudulent activities from fake profiles. These heartbreaking realities lead to the innovative movement of integrating dating apps with the currently hottest technology, blockchain. The entry of blockchain into the online dating industry essentially makes users search for love more effective, safe and secure. Find out how it solves most if not all of the issues found in existing dating platforms.

Today, there is already a number of blockchain-based dating apps ready to revolutionize the world of online dating. Listed below, we have curated the best four platforms with functionality, trust and data security at their best.

1. Luna

Luna is not a service or a place, like Tinder or a bar. Luna is a method, and a method which can be continually improved using techniques like A/B testing, until it is genuinely producing better lives for people,” the white paper says. By using blockchain technology, it hopes to make anonymised data open to researchers, who will be able to design algorithms to match couples.

2. Viola.AI

One site that is taking full advantage of blockchain features is Viola.AI. Viola A.I. uses a combination of blockchain tech and artificial intelligence (AI) to help users find their perfect match. The blockchain side uses smart contracts to verify ID’s and remove fake profiles from the site. Once verified, users will work with a voice-controlled A.I. named Viola who will,

Similar to cloud-based, voice-controlled Alexa, Viola aims to act as an intelligent personal relationship assistant with the goal of sustaining couples from courtship to marriage. It acts as an intelligent personal relationship assistant with the goal of sustaining couples from courtship to marriage.”

Watch this video to see where Viola.AI be a perfect tool for real life cases:


Ponder is a blockchain company that rewards matchmakers, humans like you and me that fix people up. That’s a unique element that brings new users to the app. These people may not be looking for dates, but they could be really helpful being humans to train the algorithm. This video explains how the reward system works:


LoveBlock was built with the goal of solving all the recurring issues in the dating industry by creating a more collaborative and open approach to matchmaking process. With a blockchain-powered platform, LoveBlock offers:

  • Foolproof identity verification
  • Personal data safety & security
  • Innovative dating experience through tokenized incentives
  • Personalized matchmaking process



In a further effort to facilitate love and lust, one dating app has managed to combine the concept of soulmate with satoshism. Luxy advertises itself as the mobile app for affluent singles. The secretive Hong Kong-based founder, who only goes by his first name Tim T., vouches for the service’s “reliable verification process,” which screens for “the wealthiest men” and “the most beautiful women.”

Individuals must prove an annual income of $200,000 or higher to qualify for membership, or be voted in for free by community members based on attractiveness. Its website claims one out of every two active members earns more than $500,000, while 41% are considered millionaires. The exclusive service can cost as much as $450 for an in-app premium purchase that allows users to filter their search according to wealth. That payment can now be transacted using bitcoin. Check out Luxy’s dating app features.

How do these apps differ from a mainstream dating app? Learn how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the online dating platform.
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