A Strategic Partnership for One-stop Business Solution

Principal Strategic Pte Ltd and Far East Advisory LLP have announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which will see both companies work closely to facilitate the raise of fund for token sales and equity investment in promising business projects.

Far East Advisory LLP is a capital raising and investment funding partner.

Far East Advisory LLP hosts frequent networking sessions (The Deal Makers Network) where investors can network and form strategic partnerships with curated companies from various industries like FinTech, Blockchain, Aerospace, Property Development, AI and Cyber Security, and co-invest with other like-minded investors and institutional funds. Past event highlights can be watched on its YouTube channel.

Far East Advisory is hosting an upcoming event on 31 January 2019 at the Concorde Hotel Singapore. Businesses are free to register to present their projects to angel investors who are interested in investing in ideas with high growth prospect.

Principal Strategic’s services cover the full spectrum of business needs from the financial to the marketing and IT support.

Under the partnership with Far East Advisory LLP, Principal Strategic is poised to become a seamless one-stop solution for launching a successful startup in Singapore. Principal Strategic will connect business owners to angel investment groups, funds and accelerators and raise funds and publicity for token sales and equity investment with Far East Advisory LLP.

How The Strategic Partnership Benefits Clients

Startups can leverage both Principal Strategic’s elite marketing services specially designed to support blockchain and crypto businesses, and Far East Advisory’s vast investors network to finance their businesses and deploy leading blockchain products.

As Principal Strategic will be offering end-to-end business solutions to companies all under one roof, the challenge of dealing with multiple vendors and agencies for business advisory, financing and marketing services is also eliminated, helping them save time and money.

All in all, this partnership will considerably improve the ease of setting up a business in Singapore given the crucial role financing and marketing services play in today’s competitive environment.

The blockchain environment is one of the most competitive market any industries are after, The best thing for your business is to understand and prepare yourself for the blockchain wave. Reading this article on the Five Obstacles Every Blockchain Business Faces is a good start.


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