What to Look For in Blockchain Events

Maximize your time in Blockchain Conferences by achieving the 3 most important benefits of attending them.

PwC recently published a business survey on global blockchain and found that 84% of companies around the world are “actively involved” in the blockchain technology. In the survey, business executives revealed that they do not want to be left out from the blockchain hype.

“Everyone is talking about blockchain, and no one wants to be left behind”
PwC Global Blockchain Survey 2018

With the current spike of’ optimism in blockchain system, conferences and networking events have never proliferated so much all over the world. Whether you are a hardcore blockchain enthusiast, intuitive investor or simply someone curious about the revolutionary technology, you have hundreds of events to choose from.

The list of blockchain events will be overwhelming if you do not target what you can gain for your business or personal ventures.

So, what should you aim to achieve while attending these blockchain conferences?

1. Perfect Learning Opportunities

Principality Blockchain Conference hosted by Principal Strategic Panel Discussion
Principality 2018 hosted by Principal Strategic | Learning from esteemed speakers

Every event has a specific lineup of speakers that is expert or at least relevant in the topic of interest. They are the biggest pot of gold that you can gain from these blockchain conferences. The blockchain world and crypto sphere make up a vast landscape filled with mysteries and possibilities. You would want to gain as much knowledge and exposure from the industry’s professionals and leaders who can offer valuable guides for your personal and corporate use. The range of speakers may also vary so much from blockchain experts to startup founders who have creative innovative projects. They all will have exciting and interesting ideas worth sharing.

The exhibitors featured in the events is also a huge plus point for you to make full use of your attendance. These exhibitors can offer products or new pieces of technology that could just be the missing piece of your business solution. Moreover, discovering latest blockchain developments and projects will give you inspiration that may lead to surprising new opportunity.

2. Strategic Network Building

Principality Blockchain Conference by Principal Strategic networking event
Principality 2018 hosted by Principal Strategic | Networking Sessions

Blockchain events and conferences offer a precious platform for you to meet new people in the industry, especially because the industry is new and in huge demand. No matter what your agenda is, there is a good chance to meet some like-minded individuals which will open so many doors of possibilities. Many successful blockchain startup stories begin from the partnership and collaboration made during conferences like these. Any contacts and affiliations made will be beneficial for later use, because you never know when you might need one. The key is connecting with as many innovative and relevant associations as you can.

3. Effective Community Exposure

Principality 2018 hosted by Principal Strategic exhibition blockchain projects ICO investors


Principality Blockchain Conference hosted by Principal Strategic exhibit Blockchain Projects
Principality 2018 hosted by Principal Strategic | Blockchain Projects Exhibitions

Furthermore, with such strong interest in blockchain technology driving exponential project launches, the competition has never heated so much. It becomes inevitable for your project to gain constant reach and attention from investors and consumers. This is why attending blockchain events is your best friend. Not just maintaining investors’ support, blockchain conferences can also get you to be involved in the community. These will benefit your ICO campaigns greatly with increased confidence and fundings.

It is important to keep these 3 target points in your mind when choosing which blockchain events to go to.

These benefits will also be a useful guide during your time in the blockchain events themselves, maximizing your time there to learn and to seize great networking and exposure opportunities.

Now that you are ready, click here for the curated list of TOP 2019 BLOCKCHAIN EVENTS around the world.

Be sure to check back regularly as the list will be continuously updated throughout the year.

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